Backing Liz Lempert for Mayor Because She Understands and Celebrates Our Differences

Princeton has quite a diverse community, those with high incomes and those with low, those with high net worth and those with low, those with advanced degrees and those with none, those who are literate and those who are not, those advancing in age and those very young, those born in America and those born throughout the world. It is these differences and the fact the town embraces them that makes Princeton the special place that it is.

Liz Lempert understands these differences and makes every effort to support and celebrate them. By recognizing diversity, she recognizes that there are needs for all. While it is impossible to provide for all needs, she recognizes that regardless of the size of the town budget, it is constrained and that compromises need to be made and made fairly.

Liz, together with the council, continues to make Princeton the place we all like to call home. While the council does not agree on all issues and all solutions, it is Liz’s demeanor that sets the tone. With her leadership, all council members have a voice and are free to express their opinions. The result is a consensus that leads to a resolution.

With Liz’s leadership, the town encounters and resolves issues as they arise. In a diverse community, there are many opinions. Not all residents will be satisfied with every solution. But one just needs to look around and observe the town and its people and its community and its activities to bask in its positive atmosphere.

Every day, Princeton is a community most desirable to live in and it’s in large part due to the leadership in our government. That’s why NJ Monthly ranked Princeton in the top 10 percent of the most desirable communities in New Jersey. It all flows from our council members and the leadership they and the mayor provide.

Four more years is a good thing. Please join me in supporting Liz’s candidacy for reelection. 

Ross Wishnick 

Princeton 