Mayor Lempert is open, attentive and positive

We strongly support the candidacy of Liz Lempert as Mayor of Princeton. We have a general interest in the fiscal health of the town and the quality of its services. Our specific interests are parks and open spaces, and in special education, particularly autism education and treatments. Pamela has served on Town’s Environmental Commission and on its Shade Tree Commission. In addition, she has served as President of the Marquand Park Foundation. Roland has served as investment director of the State for over twenty years and finally as State Treasurer, retiring in 2001. From time to time, we have brought our concerns to Liz, in her capacity as Mayor, and she has always been open and attentive, and has always made positive recommendations. She has been directly involved with the care of Marquand Park, and she attended special occasions at The Princeton Child Development Institute, a school our family founded in 1970. She provides intelligence and commitment at the highest level to the citizens of Princeton.


Respectfully submitted,

Roland and Pamela Machold